Stop Banking the Bomb In Lawrenceville

By Anonymous

Last Saturday, November 10th, the Pittsburgh based Stop Banking the Bomb Campaign held a picket outside a PNC Bank branch in the Lawrenceville neighborhood of Pittsburgh.  Stop Banking the Bomb is a campaign of several activist organizations whose goal is to pressure major financial institutions to divest from nuclear weapons.  The picket was the latest of over 20 demonstrations that the campaign has organized this past year against PNC Bank, the 7th largest retail bank headquartered in Pittsburgh.  And the campaign is currently planning 20 more public demonstrations to take place in Pittsburgh and other cities that have PNC Bank branches.

These actions, however large or small, are revolutionary.  They send a message to finance capitalists that regular people are going to start holding corporate elites accountable for the pain they inflict on the rest of us. And they also tell local patrons, bank managers, and security personnel that it’s time to start picking a side in the class war.  Existential threats like nuclear weapons and climate change do not care about income brackets and white privilege.  They kill without mercy and destroy without regret.  And if financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies continue to prop up this system of death, we will tear them out of our communities’ root and stem.

For more information on how you can get involved in the Stop Banking the Bomb Campaign, visit our Facebook page at 


Profiles in Courage – Bette McDevitt

We are proud to announce our Profiles in Courage feature on our website, where we tell you about supporters of our campaign who close their accounts or choose not to bank with PNC until they Stop Banking the Bomb!

This month we talked with long-time activist Bette McDevitt.

SBtB: “Bette, what made you choose a different bank than PNC?”

Bette: “I would rather a neighborhood bank that reinvests their money in the community.”

SBtB: “What would you like to tell the CEO of PNC Bank and their board about their investment in nuclear weapons?”

Bette: “These investments are immoral; the money is sucked out of the community,  brings no benefits, and only allows the war machine to keep on grinding out weapons of destruction.”


Please let us know if you are closing your accounts or not using PNC Bank because of their investments in nuclear weapons.

If you would like to move your money out of PNC, please consider these options.

Find a Credit Union near you:

or a Community Development Credit Union:

On average, credit unions offer higher saving interest rates and lower loan interest rates than regular banks. Credit unions also usually charge lower fees and require lower deposit balances.

Find a Community Bank near you:

Community banks help drive local economies and create local jobs. Community banks make more than 50 percent of small business loans.


SBtB in Morgantown, West Virginia; New Cities Signing On!

A vibrant crew was present in Morgantown, WV last Saturday to protest PNC Bank’s immoral investments in nuclear weapons manufacturers. After posting the pictures from the event on Facebook, over 2,000 people viewed the protest update with many shares. The West Virginia folk were interested in possibly approaching University officials to get them to drop PNC as the Univerisity’s official bank. Perhaps, Duquesne University students can do the same in Pittsburgh!

The campaign is gaining steam! Look for an action coming soon in the nation’s capital.

Go to our Facebook page for our next event on April 21st in East Liberty:

PNC Bank Anti-Nuke Campaign: Growing and Spreading

Responding to An Imminent Threat

It is now two minutes to nuclear doomsday according to the announcement on January 24th in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Threats of nuclear war by the United States against the DPRK and others are increasing. Our humanity is experiencing a real existential threat not seen in quite some time.

Thus, it is not surprising that the anti-nuke movement is again gaining strength. The Stop Banking the Bomb campaign against PNC Bank is also growing. Our active endorser list now stands at twenty-one organizations, double what it was last month. Our endorsers now include national organizations such as Peace Action, People’s Congress of Resistance, United States Peace Council, and Veterans For Peace.  And we continue to grow with over forty-five people on our coordinating committee—again double our total last month. A website will be launched in February and more direct actions are being planned in the very near future here in the Pittsburgh region.

We are also in consultation with other chapters of our sponsoring organizations in Butler, PA, Morgantown, WV, Philadelphia, PA, New York, NY and Washington, D.C. to organize and execute direct actions against PNC in those cities. We have created a Direct-Action Packet that other groups can use to carry our non-violent direct actions against their local PNC bank branches. Not only are we growing, we are now spreading to wherever PNC Bank is operating.

Second Picket at The PNC Tower

On January 18, 2018 more than twenty-five concerned everyday folks from the Pittsburgh region came out for the second time and braved the cold to protest PNC Bank’s more than one-billion-dollar investment in nuclear weapons manufacturers. Our demands are that PNC Bank sell off these loans and investments and create a binding corporate policy to never invest in nuclear weapons manufacturers again.

Our boisterous picketers handed out over 250 flyers to PNC employees and other workers on their lunch breaks, while five of PNC Bank’s senior executive leadership looked on nervously from inside their finance-capitalist headquarters’ building. PNC Bank broke off negotiations with our team recently and said they would not return to table until we agreed to loosen our demands and cease from our public actions. But we will continue to expand our campaign, increase our public activities and direct-actions, and keep putting on the pressure until PNC realizes that negotiation is the only way forward.

Connecting the Dots

Many people are unaware of how the Military Industrial Complex works. The United States administration, which wants to spend one trillion dollars on new nuclear weapons over the next ten years, does not actually make nuclear weapons. Private corporations and their financiers (banks like PNC) are the actual producers of these weapons and it is in their best interest to have the U.S. government keep purchasing (and using) more and more weapons in order for these capitalists to continue to make even more profits. Through their lobbyists, political contributions, media glorification of U.S. imperialism, the finance-capitalists actually use the U.S. government to achieve their goal of more and more profits. The extremely sad part of this is that it is the everyday worker’s tax dollars which pay for the weapons and our deposits in the banks that finance their manufacture. We need to bring to the attention of the public that these large U.S. bank/corporate monopolies are using our money to finance death and destruction all around the world. These weapons do not make us safer; rather they make us live in constant fear. And we do not have to be a part of it. We have the power; it is our money and we can decide how to use it.

In the near future we will start gathering folk who will begin moving their money out of PNC Bank to community banks and credit unions. Our multi-pronged effort against PNC Bank will become the symbol for other activist groups to follow and for other corporate banks to be put on notice. They are next!

On a positive note, we believe we are presenting PNC Bank an excellent opportunity to side with the people, its depositors, and Stop Banking the Bomb!

For more information or to endorse our campaign, please contact us at or look for upcoming events on our Facebook page @stopbankingthebomb.