PNC invests in nuclear weapons. Until they agree to stop, don’t bank with PNC!

Here are some resources to help you move your money from banks that invest in nuclear weapons:

Find a Credit Union near you:

or a Community Development Credit Union:

On average, credit unions offer higher saving interest rates and lower loan interest rates than regular banks. Credit unions also usually charge lower fees and require lower deposit balances.

Find a Community Bank near you:

Community banks help drive local economies and create local jobs. Community banks make more than 50 percent of small business loans.

Here is a link to the PDF of our Move Your Money handout to give to your friends.


SBTB Protests At PNC Annual Shareholder Meeting

Last Tuesday, the Stop Banking the Bomb crew, the Raging Grannies, and regular people off the downtown bus (literally) made their voices heard with the tenth picket of PNC for investing in nuclear weapons. Inside the shareholders meeting, four members of the campaign questioned PNC CEO William Demchak directly and demanded that PNC sell of these immoral loans in weapons of mass destruction. Demchak told a reporter from the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, “It’s not something we’d pull back from. They’re good companies.”

Well, we’ll see about that. The Stop Banking the Bomb campaign will continue in its efforts to get PNC to denuclearize, just as the rest of the world has pronounced that these weapons have no place on earth.

Join us! Check out our Facebook page #stopbankingthebomb for upcoming actions.

We will win!